Dreamworks Superstar Kartz

Position: Game Programmer
Dates: 2011 - 2011 Website:


This is Vegas

Position: Content Designer
Dates: 2008 - 2009 Website:

My Demo Reel: Vegas Demo Reel
Vegas Demo Reel (With Commentary)
This is Vegas

This is Vegas is open world game being developed by Surreal Software. I am part of a team that is responsible for designing and implenting missions for the game. My missions specialize in fighting and driving in the open world. In these missions I lay objectives, plot paths, and script events so that I can both give the player exciting gameplay and then use that gameplay to reveal the world and story of Vegas. As one of the content designers I am the final development link between the team and the player, which means that I have coordinate and interact very closely with the almost 100 other people working with me. I need work with art and audio to make sure I have all the assets I need for my missions. I work with programming to make sure that all technology and features the game needs to be fun are either in place or being worked on.

Even though open world games are great sandboxes and are a wonderful foundation for emergent gameplay, mine and my team's missions are what the player will use to guage progress in the game. It's a grand responsibilty and I try to do my best to make sure nothing is overlooked.


Position: Art Director and Graphics Programmer
Dates: 2007 - 2009

Froggle is a game where you play as a Frog like creature and use your long and sticky tounge to move around the world. It is a cross between a 3D Super Mario game and Spider-Man. I worked on this project as an independent developer while attending Digipen Institute of Technology. The team was made up of four to seven people depending on the stage of the project.

In the early stage, I was responsible for creating the game's graphics engine. This included the basics of rendering a scene, the cel shaded lighting model, and animating the characters. As the Engine came online and became stable, the asset pipeline became a priority. I built and managed everything starting from the exporting of Static and Animated meshes from 3DS Max, to building the in game Asset manager, which would then deliver requested assets to the game scripts efficiently. Other bits of tech I was responsible for were texturing, skymaps, normal maps, and animated sprites.

In the later stages of the project I continued to provide Graphics and memory management support, but my focused moved into my position as an Art Director. I managed a team of artists creating assets for the game. I tasked out what assets needed to be created by whom to try and avoid overlap. I held meetings to try and unify the artistic vision of three different artists. I trained them to use the asset pipeline that I created and would troubleshoot whenever there was a problem. Finally I served as the liason between the artist team and the programmer team.