This is a collection of my writings. There is quite an assortment in here concerning topic and format. I have various short stories that I've written, as well as Essays on Game Design.

Design Essays

  • Story VS. Gameplay in Metal Gear Solid - This is an essay meant to highlight the differences between two schools of thought on video games. On the one side we have the narratology opinion that video games are a story telling medium, and on the other there is the ludology point of view where video games are first and foremost their mechanics and narrative can only be superfluous. It is my opinion that people often fall into the trap of thinking that video games are only one thing. In this essay I hope to demonstrate that story and gameplay are in fact two seperate elements that work together rather than believing that a video game is one or the other.

  • Interpretation in Video Games - There is a debate among academics as to whether or not a video game can be a narrative. The belief is that the only way to tell story in a video game is through cut scenes and movies, and that the real-time parts of a game can't be narratives because they are being created on the spot. Here I illustrate that a key component of narrative is present not only during cutscenes but also during gameplay.

  • Shakespeare in Video Games - This was a lecture I prepared to give at the University of Texas in a class entitled "Shakespeare in Movies". I wanted to further the premise of the class and highlight that parallels between Shakespeare and modern Media is not confined only to movies. As a Writer and a Game Designer I often look back to the great works of the past, including Shakespear's, for inspiration. These are my thoughts on the matter.

Short Stories

  • Like a Bolt of Lightning - A man discovers that life doesn't always give you precursors and that the events we remember most can come and go in an instant.

  • Dog Faced - A normal poker game turns into a battle of wits, where two minds fight a fierce battle without uttering a single word, or moving a single muscle.

  • Half Pound Burger with Cheese - Two best friends drive around discussing the mysteries of the universe.


  • Seven Dimensional Cross Product Using the Octonionic Fano Plane - After studying the Quaternion space and its many uses, I and a colleague of mine started looking into Octonians. In the process we discovered that there existed a cross product operation in seven-dimesions, something we were taught was impossible. We explored this operations and discovered some interesting properties in its relationship to Octonions.

  • Cross Product in Higher Dimensions - Continuing with my reasearch into Higher Dimension Cross Products, I began to ask questions about the general property of Orthogonality in these dimensions. This paper is a continuation of my previous research and contains my conclusions about Orthogonality and its relationship to higher dimension cross products.

  • D* Lite Power Point - A Power Point presentation on the D* Lite Algorithm. The D* Lite Algorithm is a path finding algorithm used for dynamically changing environments. It can cope with the changes without having to recompute a path from nothing.